Treatment for type 2 diabetes includes healthy nutrition, exercise, and possibly medications.

Developing a personalized treatment plan with your physician and healthcare team is important. An example of such treatment plan is Virta:

Nudge Coach with Inland Empire Physician Dr. Jerry Hizon

Nudge Coach is a telehealth program in which you can stay in touch with Dr. Jerry Hizon and a nutritionist over an app on your phone. The doctor will send short educational videos or articles pertinent to the keto diet and wellness, as well as staying in contact with you as you encounter challenges with health, diet, or lifestyle. Through the app, you can chart your daily food and water intake, sleep, exercise and the app even syncs with a Fitbit or other activity tracking apps. Dr. Hizon is then able to monitor and give advice accordingly. Sign up with Dr. Hizon and Nudge Coach today by contacting Motion Medical Group at 951-790-0107.